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Go Green, Save Big: Bubbie’s Plant Burgers Revolutionizes Arlington’s Food Scene

Go Green, Save Big: Bubbie’s Plant Burgers Revolutionizes Arlington’s Food Scene

In the heart of National Landing, a culinary revolution is taking root, and it’s greener than ever. Bubbie’s Plant Burgers is flipping the traditional burger on its head, offering a delicious, 100% plant-based and Kosher menu that’s capturing the hearts (and stomachs) of Arlington’s foodies.

Bubbie’s: Where Taste Meets Tradition

From the creative minds behind @‌eatpowpow, Bubbie’s isn’t just about eating well—it’s about community and connection. This isn’t your average fast-food joint; it’s a place where classic Americana is reimagined with a sustainable twist. Imagine biting into a juicy burger, the crisp taste of soda pop, and the comforting crunch of fries, all plant-based and all incredibly satisfying.

Exclusive Perks for the Arlington Community

As a proud partner of Discover Arlington’s Local Perks Club, Bubbie’s Plant Burgers extends a leafy branch of savings to the community. Members rejoice with a wholesome 20% off all orders. And if you’re not part of the club yet, worry not! Sign up is as easy as pie (plant-based, of course) — and absolutely free.

Savor the Savings

Why wait? Sign up for the Local Perks Club today and start enjoying discounts not only at Bubbie’s but across over 40 local businesses. From Soul Cycle to South Block, your Local Perks card is a golden ticket to the best of Arlington.

Bubbie’s Plant Burgers & Fizz: A Taste You Can Feel Good About

Bubbie’s Plant Burgers is more than just a meal; it’s a statement. With 20% off your total bill, enjoying plant-based and Kosher Certified Americana fare has never been easier, or more affordable. And with every bite, you’re not just satisfying your appetite; you’re supporting a movement for a healthier, happier planet.

Join the Movement

Ready to dig into Bubbie’s Plant Burgers and take advantage of the best deals in town? Your journey towards a greener palate and plumper wallet begins with a simple click. Become a part of something big. Eat, save, and love local with Discover Arlington’s Local Perks Club.

Sign Up and Start Saving:

Join the Local Perks Club today. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s your gateway to the best of Arlington’s sustainable dining scene.

Bubbie’s Plant Burgers awaits you at Water Park in National Landing. Will we see you there? Go green, go Bubbie’s, and go save!

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